Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project One-Canning Homemade Tomato Juice, Spaghetti Sauce, and Pizza Sauce

Objectives-Make Me a Better Wife, Make me a Better Cook,

Injuries sustained-1 burned finger, not too bad for me

Difficulty level-medium

How Maya “Helped” (How we kept her busy)-stirring in spices and delivering tomatoes to the sink

Honestly-I had done this before but not since I have had two little ones so I think it counts! I went and purchased two bushels of tomatoes at our local farmer’s market. I had to pay $18 a bushel (last time I got them free!) But it was still a great deal. I do recommend asking around and checking your local craigslist for free or cheap ones before buying. Many people produce too many in their fields and they simply let them rot away on the vines! It makes me sick to think of all that deliciousness rotting away!!

Out of the two bushels, and with the help of my fabulous Mom, I got 18 quarts of spaghetti sauce, 10 pints of pizza sauce, and 13 quarts of tomato juice! I did have to buy some ingredients for the spaghetti sauce, but the prices at the end worked out to be about $1.64 a quart for tomato juice, and $1.17 a jar for the spaghetti and pizza sauce! The tomatoes were organic so I think finding anything that pure or delicious for the price would be tough.

It was hard work. But it felt great to look at all the shining jars on my counter.I swear they were smiling at me in approval of a job well done. Interested in learning?? Here is a step by step tutorial! Canning Tomato Juice For The Domestically Challenged

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