Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thank God this house is too small!

I was complaining to myself last night, while trying to put away the endless loads of laundry, about how small this house is. You should know that it is not a particularly small house, but lately I have been dreaming of something bigger.

We could really use a bigger bathroom-or even better a MASTER bath.  There are hardly any closets. On top of that, the beautiful arches that I fell in love with when we bought this house are a design nightmare. It is nearly impossible to rearrange furniture in our living room.  But maybe more than anything, I was annoyed at the fact that we don't have a guest room. I hate asking our guests to camp-out in the living room on an air mattress.
For a split second I thought to myself, "what kind of idiot would have bought a house without a guest room?"

 Then I stopped dead in my tracks.  I had to smile. It had not been an oversight. This house had a guest room when we bought it.

As a matter of fact it had had TWO extra bedrooms. We made one a guest room and one a den.  Where were they? Where had our space disappeared? More smiles.

In there place stand a puppy-dog room for a precious little girl and a nursery for my baby boy. No more cold empty guest room. No more perfect retreat for our house guests. No instead we have children-laughter and stains, bumps and bruises, and bedtime prayers. Thank you Lord that we don't have a guest room. I can only hope that someday this house will get even more crowded.


  1. I can promise your guests don't mind sleeping on the air-mattress, couch, floor, bathroom floor.... LOL! Your house is always warm and inviting!!

  2. Last night I was lucky to borrow one of those little ones for a night! What fun!You can always borrow a guest room from me,and I will borrow a baby from you! It was neat to wake up in the night and listen for the quiet little breathing of a sleeping child.Many years of listening nights were remembered as I turned over with a smile and went back to sleep!Mom