Friday, May 25, 2012

RUN don't walk to Rite Aid!! Large Wipe Refills for $2.12 !!!

So I saw this online and had to try it for myself! Rite Aid is clearancing out baby wipes!! For those of us with kids in diapers these words sound more beautiful than the hallelujah chorus! In many cases these are unmarked so you have to have your friendly cashier price check them for you! The large soft packs of Huggies Sensitive wipes rang up at 75% off at ALL the stores I tried making them only... drum roll please....$2.12!! These packs refill your wipes box THREE times so that's about .70 a box! Also if you can find enough to spend $30. you get a $10 UP reward! I did-after hitting about 8 stores- which brought my total to right around $20 plus tax for 15 refill packs (equal to 45 refills)! If you have the .50 Huggies wipes coupon from the paper this deal can be EVEN sweeter!!

I also found that the pampers large soft packs Sensitive Thick Care Wipes were on clearance at some, but not all, of my stores for 75% off ($2.24)so it is worth checking those too! Remember these were UNMARKED so you have to have them scanned and your luck may vary:)

Other baby items I found on clearance were the Huggies night time pullups-princess style Reg-$12.49 on clearance for $6.24-$2 coupon=$4.24 a pack and Pampers Sensitive Diapers-Reg-$12.49 on clearance for $6.24 or half off :) Happy shopping!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this deal! I was able to pick up four packs. With newborn twins we definitely use our share of baby wipes. So nice to find a deal on these!