Friday, January 27, 2012

Let's Go Krogering:)

I have been slacking on my couponing duties since my son, Aidan, was born 8 months ago. Life has just seemed so crazy and I haven't had the time or energy to get back on the "coupon wagon", so to speak. But, after I saw the great deals in their ad this week for the gameday mega deals, I couldn't help myself. I sorted my coupons, ordered some more, and boy was it worth it! Here is what I got for under a hundred dollars!

2-Kleenex Hand Towels
1-Loaf of bread
3-Finish dishwasher tablet packages
6-packages Oscar Meyer Deli Meats
3-packages turkey bacon
6-Orville Redenbacher popcorn
1-dole salad
1-pack yoplait yogurt parfait
6-pepperidge farm garlic breads
3-BIG boxes fruity pebbles
1-gerber yogurt package
2-cans pumpkin
6-krusteez cookie mixes
2-cans wolf chili
1-bic mechanical pencil set
2-chichi tortillas
12-uncle bens rice
2-tropicana orange juice
2-french's mustard
1-heluva buffalo dip
2-pancake mix
1-muffin mix
1-swanson flavor concentrate
6-kft american singles packs
6-ken's salad dressings
3-franks thick hot sauce
1-gallon milk
1-bag mixed fresh veggies

my total SHOULD have been-$264 and I paid 99.63!
I have had much higher savings percentages, but I am super excited because this all stuff we actually will USE, plus it is so hard to get a good price on meat and the bacon and lunch meats were great deals!

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