Thursday, August 30, 2012

Go Rogue

Sometimes, I am just blown away by the sweet little daughter that God has given me. This morning at 3:15, I heard Maya's tiny little feet running across her room. This was quickly followed by her shouting "Hello?", "Hellllllooo????" I am very sensitive to her need to see me in the middle of the night. I was never a good sleeper. I spent many nights snuggled in with my mom sitting on the edge of my bed-all the way into middle school, so I could fall back to sleep after a bad dream.

I went to the hallway and saw her standing there-already prepared for her trip-pink blanket hanging over her shoulder, cup in hand, and the sweetest, sleepiest grin on her face. "Mommy, I was thinking I could come lay with you now??" Her eyes watched me expectantly, waiting for my usual answer. Normally at this time I walk her back to her bed and climb in with her. I tell her a story and tickle her toes and say goodnight again...but not this time. Sometimes it is not worth it to follow the rules. Sometimes, the rules are made to be broken.

Seeing this tiny person with so much hope and expectancy in her eyes, left me no choice. I swept her up in my arms and brought her into my bed. I laid her on my pillow and whispered to her that she couldn't talk-it was late and we needed to sleep. I closed my eyes and I felt two tiny hands softly touch my face. A tiny pair of lips kissed me. And in a whisper barely audible although we were only inches apart I heard her say " I love you Momma."

I am a structured mom. I believe in rules and consequences, responsibilities, bed times and routines. But sometimes, it is worth it to go rogue.  You might just find yourself making a memory...

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