Wednesday, November 14, 2012

HOT Kroger Deals This Week!!

I really scored at Kroger last night! I am super lucky, as my Kroger store doubles coupons up to $1.00 :)  But in their new buy 4 items get $4 off promotion I got the following:

3 packages pampers wipes  SUPER DEAL (price after discount .99 cents-$1.00 coupon=free)
1 bottle of aussie style spray
2 bottles of dawn dish soap-power soaking
1 covergirl eyeshadow-for maya to play with LOL
1 febreeze air freshenerer spray
1 febreeze set and refresh air freshener
2 huge oil of olay body washes
1 scope mouthwash
1 gillette shave gel

and all for the low, low price of ...drumroll please....

$4.06!!!!!  I love couponing!

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