Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY- Toddler play refrigerator from a DVD cabinet

I have been wanting a fridge for Maya, sicne the kitchen I purchased doesn't have one included. I wasn't too worried about that fact until I realized that that was normally where the parents stashed all the food after the kidlets were done playing.

I set out to St. Vincent DePauls and found a beat up DVD cabinet that looked perfect. it was short enough, had two doors that functioned well, and was $9.99.

I didn't take a before picture but it looked similar to this one, but more beat up of course:)

I tried to paint it white-as I had some white spray paint in my garage but it did not cover well, and three coats later it was still blotchy. Hmmm. Next I scoured my basement for other options. I stumbled upon this-
I had originally bought this to try to makeover my dishwasher a few years back. I gave it a shot and it worked PERFECTLY! It gave good coverage and even gave it a bit of texture like a real fridge. Of course it was black and not white but HEY it was free! We have a black fridge in our own kitchen so I think she will love it!

I took off the original handles, spray painted them silver, and reattached them. Next I sprayed the shelves and inside of the cabinet with the white spray paint and screwed in the shelves so they wouldn't fall off their brackets. I also bought some braces to attach it to the wall so that I could be certain that it wouldn't tip on either of my littles:)

TADA!!! How cute is this and I spent a total of $16.00! It offers tons of storage and is OH So cute! I think next I need to paint the inside white and I may try to put a light in it !!

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