Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Freezer Cooking Take Two

One way I plan to save both time and money this year is through freezer cooking. Freezer cooking allows you to buy things in bulk quantities when they are cheap or marked down when they are close to their date, cook them up and store them as quick go-to meal alternatives.

It not only saves money on the ingredients, but it makes it less tempting to eat out for dinner when there are lots of quick options in the freezer, which is a great money-saver.

Another bonus is that prepared freezer foods you buy in the store are much more expensive and LOADED with preservatives. The next time you buy one of those bagged premade stir fries read the sodium content- yikes!!

During week one of freezer cooking I managed to cook down and shred 8 pounds of split chicken breasts, freeze 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies all ready for baking, 6 cups chicken broth, and 4 pounds of baked beans! I did this all in roughly 2 hours and it has been great having all these meal helpers in the freezer.

My freezer is NOT this clean LOL I stole a picture-

Today I plan on making chicken enchiladas, chicken stir fry, pancakes,and more cookies. Stay tuned to see if my kids cooperate lol.

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Do you freeze meals ahead? I would love your recipes and ideas!

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  1. I enjoyed the meals that mom froze for me to eat while she was gone. Great idea and happy cooking./Marie