Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Toddler Toy Idea from The Children's Museum

I recently bought an annual membership for The Flint Children's Museum and have really been enjoying taking my kiddos there. They have many neat play areas, especially for Maya's age group, and she loves the freedom she has there to do as she likes. With a room full of "yes" she can play for hours without having to hear me so "no" which I think is her favorite part.

I was amazed though, that with all the cool things to do her FAVORITE part was the grocery shopping section.  Actually it seemed to be everyone's favorite part. The best part of this was that we could do it at home for FREE! She already had a cart all we needed was the food.

I have recently been saving all of our dry goods containers for her kitchen. Within a week she already has a great selection-a cookie box, a pancake box, an OJ carton, a milk carton, and egg container...I feel like such an idiot for ever paying for play food! She likes this stuff a lot more because it's "real". The best part is if it gets beat up, ripped, chewed on by a rogue puppy (this happens a lot at our house) you toss it and you are out nothing, zip, nada, zilch!

When I explained to her that these boxes were empty she wasn't even disappointed. "That's okay, I  imagine Mommy". Music to a momma's ears:)

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